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Rebalance your channels with the command:
lntoolkit move-balance --amount 100000 --from <one-of-your-channels> --to <another-of-your-channels>

The Commands

LNToolkit provides a number of useful commands to help manage your node effectively.

Here are the most useful:


Tries to move balance from one of your channels to another of your channels.



Operates at a ‘higher level’ than move-balance - auto-balance tries to find which of your channels are most in need of funds, and which channels can most usefully provide those funds, and then it tries to move funds to try to achieve balanced channels.

This command takes a lot of options to configure how it operates.



Generates a report on the current state of the node and its channels. If this is run daily it can provide a useful history of the node.



Frequently Asked Questions

Testnet only?

For now, yes. I worry about people running this code on mainnet right now. Try it out on testnet and let me know how you get on!

Is moving balances this way a good idea?

Maybe. A channel that has both incoming and outgoing liquidity is much more useful for routing, but that in itself may not be your goal.

What about Loop?

Loop is a fine way of managing the liquidity of your channels and it may well be the best answer for you.

What’s with all the talk of tipping?

This is partly an experiment to see if Lightning makes ‘tip-ware’ viable, and partly to see how well tipping works on the Lightning network. Unfortunately for now the built-in tip mechanism won’t work (it needs ‘invoiceless payments’ and they’re not in the master branch yet). You can tip via Mastodon though - just send me a Toot that contains however much you want to tip, e.g.:

@OpinionatedGeek@mastodon.social #TootMoney #send <amount-you-are-tipping>

and TootMoney will reply with a Lightning invoice. Or alternatively you can use Tippin.me.

How much should I tip?

I genuinely have no idea. There’s certainly no obligation to tip. The whole culture of tipping is quite strange to me. I suppose one way of looking at it is: do you want to support the work that has been done, and do you want to see further work done on it?


Some guides to help you Control Your Node!


Installation requires docker. Here’s how to make it easier.


Balancing Channels (TBD)

How do you balance a channel? How do you decide which channels need balancing?


Hints & Tips (TBD)

Some useful hints and tips on running your node.


Contact Me

Using Mastodon. Yep.

The best way to get in touch with me is probably via Mastodon.

Yeah, I know. Sorry if it’s a hassle.

Send me a Toot.