‘Columbus Day’ by Craig Alanson

‘Alien Battles Are Infantry-less’

Score: 4/5

Battles between aliens will not be infantry battles.

They just won’t. Except in this book.

It’s amazing the contortions the author has to go through to give infantry battles any credibility in this book. ‘Rules’ from ancient civilisations preventing use of certain technologies in wars - ‘certain technologies’ being just about anything that isn’t effectively infantry battles and World War 2 naval combat between spaceships.

But if you can put that aside, it’s a nice, silly, readable sci-fi romp.

The actual quality of the book isn’t that great though. The cover is flimsy, the layout is bade, the text is printed too close to both margins, and the text could do with another editing pass.

That aside, the book is cheaper than average so maybe this cost-cutting took a couple of quid off the price? ‘Never mind the quality, feel the width’...

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